CBC Strength and Conditioning

At CBC strength we place special emphasis on building each athletes motor and improving their base of movement and strength. To start the process we first take each athlete through a comprehensive movement assessment that will show us the structural integrity, flexibility, and mobility of the perspective lifter. This will then yield a warm up which will address any movement based issues that are presented during the assessment, the warm up will also raise core temperature, activate the nervous system and prime the athlete for the days workout. At CBC we employ many different methods and strategies in order to help develop our athletes based off of their goals, perspective time of year, and current strength levels.

We Go the Extra Mile!

It is our goal to add to the athlete’s performance on the field. That is why we go the extra mile to ensure proper programming for the individual. At CBC we recognize that each athlete is should be exposed to a specialized program that is specifically built for their demands on the field. With each program we strive to not only add strength, but we also look to improve mobility, increase coordination and durability.

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CBC Strength Conditioning

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