Team CBC

At CBC, we utilize a data-driven approach to taking each athlete to their highest level of play. The coaching staff at CBC understands that each athlete is unique in their own way, and that’s why we assess, test, and construct a comprehensive program for each player based on their strengths, weaknesses, goals, and prospective time of the year.

Ryan Chapman

Owner/Director of Player Development

Chad Jacob

Director of Hitting/ Director of Business Operations

Andrew Martin

Hitting Coach/Youth Coordinator

Alyssa Cunningham

Office Manager/ Social Media Coordinator

Ryan Aguirre

Director of Strength & Conditioning

Cydney Jacob

Strength & Conditioning Coach

MJ Gabaldon

Pitching Coach

The CBC Facility

Chapman Baseball Compound is a 14,000 square foot, state of the art baseball facility in the heart of OrangeCounty, where we specialize in hitting, pitching, and strength/conditioning.

It’s our ultimate goal to better every athlete on and off the field.  Call or email us to get assessed and improve your style of play!

Chapman Baseball Compound