Project Description

CBC Gains in 12 months:
Max Velocity-76.8 MPH to 89.9
Average Velocity-75.0 MPH to 88.0

I started going to Chapman Baseball Compound during the fall season of my sophomore year in high school when I decided I wanted to increase my velocity and have better command. I started at CBC and was going once a week for a year and 10 months which helped me work on my mechanics and increase my mound velocity to 75mph during my junior year. The summer before my senior year, I started going every day, and CBC guided me with exercises and lifting information which started the upward trend of working out and increasing my velocity. In less  than a year I went from 75 to 89.8mph. Ryan and his team have guided me with mechanics, technique and encouragement which has helped me to work hard without any injury and has helped me to stay focused on reaching my goal of playing college baseball and beyond. – Brad Hodges

Chapman Baseball Compound

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