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CBC Baseball Blog

An In-Depth Look At Our Pitchers

  What We Do When we say, “Individualized programming”, we mean it. The moment an athlete steps on the training floor, they know they are getting a program that's tailored to what they need. All [...]

Body Structure in Baseball

Introduction I first learned to look at body structure after hearing the phrase, “Structure dictates function”. In 2010, Eric Cressey said this in his shoulder series called "Optimal Shoulder Performance". https://ericcressey.com/optimal-shoulder-performance-now-available.  Hearing this phrase instantly [...]

CBC Internship Program

"That Old Saying" A "win-win" situation is hard to come by when reaching an agreement. It's a no-brainer to carry out said decision when there's tons of upside for everyone involved. So I'm going to [...]

CBC Reintroduction

Hello, It’s been quite some time since our last blog, and we’d like to reintroduce ourselves… Our home, Chapman Baseball Compound , is a state of the art baseball training facility in the heart of [...]

Importance Of Movement Sequence

Just this past week I had a conversation with one of my hitters about the timing and sequencing of his movements and the importance of things happening sequentially. This particular hitter had the problem of [...]

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