Project Description

CBC GAINS in 27 Months
Max Velocity-72.9 MPH to 92.0
Average Velocity-70.8 MPH to 87.6

I started training at CBC the summer going into my sophomore year of high school. As a pitcher at Mater Dei I knew I needed to be at the next level of pitching. Ryan and his team at CBC was definitely the place to get elite level training in. I came in topping out at 72 MPH. Throughout that year I continued to train at CBC, specifically working on mechanics and arm strengthening programs. After a lot of the hard work we put in, I was amazed to see that I could top out at 88 MPH when my sophomore season had just begun. Continuing my training as a junior and senior in high school, I’m very proud of all the work and how hard they pushed me. Currently, I’m topping out at 92 MPH. CBC is a place I go to every day to because they push me to break new highs and getting me closer to my goal of playing in the big leagues some day. – M.J. Gabaldon

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