Project Description

BCB Gains in 16 months
Bench Press-195 to 305
Squat-245 to 435
Deadlift-345 to 515

“My time and experience in the CBC weight room is second to none. As a Divison 1 athlete, I thought I was already pretty strong and the lifting program was going to be something I was already used to. I came in for a movement assessment with Ryan, and we were able to see I was a much stiffer mover than I thought. As I started to weightlift under CBC’s program, I was surrounded by a group of college guys ready to get stronger every day, under the supervision of Ryan who really helped me out with form and always pushed me to my limits. With that competitive culture already enstilled at CBC, I was getting through each workout 100% confident in the fact that I was definitely getting a lot stronger. After my full summer at CBC, my weights went up a lot more than I had thought, and I maintained full functionality in the middle infield, as my arm got a lot stronger and I shaved off time from my 60 yard dash. CBC is the ideal place for someone who wants to get better and stronger every single day, under a staff that is very smart, open to learn, and has all your best interests in mind. – Chad Jacob

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CBC Strength Conditioning

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