Project Description

CBC Gains in 6 Months
Exit Velocity – 60.2 MPH to 75.2 MPH
Distance – 156 feet to 245 feet

I feel like I am in a safe place to allow me to try and fail. Not only is it the instructors, it’s the support I get from the guys I am working out with.” – Zach Ireland

What the staff at CBC is teaching my son Zach and all the other athletes goes well beyond throwing MPH or exit velocity. The tangible results Zach has experienced as a hitter are unquestionable, and what I’m most impressed with is the significant increase in Zach’s confidence and his ability to self-diagnose. He has gained an aptitude and understanding of not only the “how” but the “why”. CBC supports Zach in developing habits and traits that will translate to not just baseball but in all aspects of life. – Zach’s Dad

Chapman Baseball Compound

Chapman Baseball Compound for Hitting

We have all the tools to see that EVERY HITTER IS DIFFERENT.

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