Project Description

CBC Gains in 13 Months
Exit Velocity – 90.9 MPH to 101.2 MPH
Distance – 323 feet to 408 feet

Training at Chapman Baseball Compound has helped me as a hitter in so many aspects. Ryan and Chad are extremely knowledgeable with how the swing should work and how the body should move to get the most efficient swing movements. The improvements I’ve made since training here are tremendous without a doubt. I went from not knowing how the swing should work despite successfully playing 4 years of Division 1 baseball, to having a deep understanding on how the baseball swing most efficiently works. All the tools of technology Chad and Ryan use to help explain the swing and show me what I need to work is very beneficial than just telling me what I need to work on with their naked eye. My exit velocity has increased, my kinematic sequence has greatly improved, my swing path has cleaned up, and my understanding of the swing has gone up exponentially. I make almost a 2 hour commute, 4 days a week to come train at CBC and there’s definitely a reason for that. The staff at CBC are the best coaches I’ve met, and I’m very grateful to be training under such great teachers and students of the game. – Giovanni Garbella

Chapman Baseball Compound

Chapman Baseball Compound for Hitting

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