Importance Of Movement Sequence

Just this past week I had a conversation with one of my hitters about the timing and sequencing of his movements and the importance of things happening sequentially. This particular hitter had the problem of his back elbow and top hand moving together during his downswing. This move was causing him to cut through the [...]

By |February 22nd, 2019|Hitting|

Are You A Good Ball Striker?

Ball striking is something that has gained more traction of late in the game of golf. With advancements in motion capture technology, flight simulators and ball tracking radars it is now possible to see how well someone is able to deliver the club to the ball consistently. Having the ability to deliver the club to [...]

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Do You Have An Approach At The Plate?

     The more and more that I talk with hitters I am surprised with just how many go up to the plate without a definitive approach. Going up to the plate without an idea of what you want to do is like taking a trip without a map. Can you imagine taking a two-thousand-mile trip [...]

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